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Sisindokom helps from Planning to Monitoring Indonesia Comnets Plus Metro E-Router and Switch Sumatera

December, 2010, Jakarta. Sisindokom Lintasbuana have been cooperate with Indonesia Comnets Plus (Icon+) since year of 2009. Many projects Sisindokom has support for Icon+ network and infrastructure, one of projects that company trusted-in is Build Metro-E Router and Switch from Cisco as our Partner in Sumatera area. Sisindokom worked all process from planning, designing, making installation, interconnecting, Integrating, migrating and operation monitoring.

Icon+ is one of company that focusing on the provision of services, networks and telecommunications content especially for technology and information systems to support the Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) and other public sectors. Icon+ until now has served more than nine hundred and twenty companies in Indonesia, a company engaged in serving key industries such as telecommunications, finance, banking, manufacturing and government.