We don’t believe that any one IT company is capable of delivering all areas of expertise often required in demanding projects without cooperation or Partnership.

We are part of a network of IT Provider where all are experienced specialists. To assure quality throughout combination of Professionalism & Integrity, our management & staff should use the most modern tools & methods.

By combining several years of Market / customers Knowledge, Business Process and IT-engineering experience with the latest technology, we can deliver powerful business value to our customers.


Customer References

Sisindokom has successfully provided the design, developed and implemented various applications system such as:

  • CNOOC SES Ltd, build and configure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems, as well as deploy computing end-points including desktop, notebook and mobile throughout CNOOC’s HQ and several remote sites (on-shore and off-shore). Sisindokom also successfully setup the IT Infrastructure Management System as a powerful system to help Service Desk, IT Management Process Automation, IT Infrastructure Monitoring, and Inventory/Asset Management for all deployed VDI and end-points during multi-years contract with CNOOC.
  • PT. Total E&P Indonesie, deploy and multi years Manage Service that covered periodical improvement  networks and  service performance  for Cisco Campus Network
  • Ogilvy has implemented Cisco Collaboration System including Integrated Presence, Instant Messaging, Voice and Video, Desktop Sharing, and Conferencing capabilities for people mobility to streamlines communications and improves productivity.
  • PT. Telkom Indonesia, re-build, enhance and maintain, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Platform and services in order to conform with Telkom High Availability (Always On) Architecture initiative.
  • PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia, delivered and maintained telecommunication backbone between main districts in CPI area of operation Sumatra with DWDM technology, that will transport any traffic that contains data, voice, video, scada, etc, through variety tributary or client type such as SDH services, Ethernet services as well as transponder 10E Ethernet and IP over DWDM network.
  • PT. Indosat Tbk, develop and maintain Customer Loyalty Program application which maintaining rewards point that can be redeemed by customers with certain telco services (SMS, Data Subscription, talk-time), and non-telco rewards such as billing reduction, goodies & gimmicks and third-party products.
  • PT. Indosat Tbk, perform 24 x 7 maintenance for Oracle Databases, including analyze and optimize Database performance, check critical objects, optimize Real Application Cluster, identify and resolve problems.
  • PT. Indosat Tbk, deploy, install and configure additional Servers to support expansion of Indosat Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Analytics
  • SKK Migas, develop drilling monitoring system which could easily monitor and get the report progress and notification of drilling activities from all exploration and production contractors (KKKS) and their Drilling sites
  • PT. EDII, develop solution which convert business document (B2B) automatically and can be accessed online by all EDII’s partners (buyers and suppliers) using the integrated or ad-hoc mechanism, by providing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to receive, convert, transform and route order to participated partners.
  • PGAS Telekomunikasi Indonesia has Planned, Designed, Delivered, Installed, Interconnected, Integrated & also build IP MPLS Network from Sisindokom. Followed with Backbone Link from Jakarta to Batam project